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Jul 19, 2022
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Hi all!
I am very new to photography as a hobby, so bear with me :)

I have a Nikon D3200 and an Andover DA-560II external flash. Not the fanciest gear, but i think its ok for an amateur as me :)
When i mount the flash on my camera, i can't get the external flash to work. The flash itself works fine when i test it.
I have googled this problem for some time, but i am unable to find a solution to this problem

Is this a problem with combability, settings or is it broken?

I wasn't getting any hits on that, but saw something way down the page on Andoer instead of Andover, which helped find info on it. Not really useful info, though. The only thing I can suggest is to make sure it's all the way on the hotshoe; the one review I saw specifically mentioned issues with fitment on the camera.

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