1. M


    While having nothing to do at night I decided to take out the camera and do some random shows, here is one taken With my D600 on a 28-106mm lens. Please let me know how it could improve I wish I could have gotten the smoke more in focus tho.
  2. A

    Need help with buying a used D600

    Hi everyone. I want to buy a used D600(4800 expos) which the owner claims she mainly used it for filming and stuff and never had any oil problem or whatever. She gave me the offer of 800euros for the body or 1100 euros for camera + 24-85 + 3 batteries and a bag. With having in mind that a new...
  3. TammyCampbell

    Jonesin for a D600

    Search Results for Query: D600 | Photography Forum[node]=130 From all the post it seems like it is a hard one to beat ..Even though it's older tech. I guess this is the starter house version of a pro camera. A must to have in your camera arsenal. The initial leap into FX.full sensor territory...