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Dec 2, 2013
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From all the post it seems like it is a hard one to beat ..Even though it's older tech. I guess this is the starter house version of a pro camera. A must to have in your camera arsenal. The initial leap into FX.full sensor territory. . I'm hearing star trek in my head right now.. "space the final frontier. .."
I know I'm a total dweeb..
Well the D6x0 is a step into FX that is low cost and uses the most recent 24mp sensor and processing chips.

The D700 for less can also get you into FX with an older Pro body but a 12mp sensor and older tech. But it's still a great camera.

Both can be found easily under $1,000 US used.
Either way, looking at your lens list you'll have to buy new lenses for that Final Frontier.
Check out Thom Hogan's 2013 review of the D600--but DO keep firmly in mind that the prices mentioned in that review are wayyy out of line in comparison to where the prices are now that we're in 2016. The current used prices of D600 bodies are very low, and used D800 prices are wayyyyyy lower than they were back then, and so on.

But yes, as he notes, the D600 was built mostly on the older, Nikon D7000 APS-C camera body, and yes, it is a consumer level camera body. It many respects, the D600 is what the now decade-old Canon 5D was: a great sensor, being sold in a lower-level type of camera body, and built on something more or less that could be considered a body type the company had built earlier.

Consider that a decade or so ago, when it was in current production, the EOS 5D and 5D-II bodies were built on basically, $389 film-era-type SLR bodies, with digital guts, and were priced in the $3299 to $3499 price point at introduction and for a year or so after, then were rebated to get to final price of $2999, and were slooooowly dropped to $1999 at the very end of life ( aka EOL) time frame.

The Nikon D600 is what a very capable, (wedding/portrait/landscape) pro-work, pro-result capable camera was ten to five years ago, but with more features and a much better performing sensor. At roughly one-fifth the price on a good deal, one-quarter the price, one-third the price, depending on what exact time frame in the life cycle you focus on. Buying a discontinued camera that used to cost a lot of money is a good buying strategy I think, for many,many people!
The D600 is almost identical to the camera that replaced it the D610.
The D610 was a fix to one issue which you should be aware of with the D600 and thats the oil/dust on sensor issue.
Some D600 has issues of dust and oil which is a results of a not too good shutter mechanism design.
Nikon has addressed this issue and it will give free sensor cleaning if you do problems with dust and oil on sneosr.
From what I understand if this happeneds more then once or twice Nikon will just send you a new D610 but thats just from what I heard.
D600 is a very capable camera but if you are getting it be mindful of this issue.

Good luck.
More to consider.. it's all clear as mud... lol..but for now I think my camera buying will be put off further.. small matter of busting up my face the first day of the year. Rude way to start the year. Hello 2016 SMACK!!!

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