1. floatingby

    Off-road Jamboree

    Trying Dxo photolab 3 to develop raw files, with the hope of replacing Lightroom, I like it so far, what do you think? Shot with a Sigma 120-300mm f2.8 @f2.8, various speed and ISO settings, on a Nikon D850.
  2. D7K

    Sveti Ioan Letni - (St. John the Baptist)

    Been busy working and not been able to shoot much lately, so last weekend we agreed to get away for the night and decided to head to a dam not too far from us with the aim of shooting the sunset at this church. Sv. Ioan Letni is an inactive medieval church on the shore (Well, cliff) of Pchelina...
  3. D7K

    D850 Multiple Expo

    So I tried out the D850 multiple expo mode last few days... I think I can still blend nicer in PS without the cloud stutter but its a nice feature to have.. Also, this is a part of Sofia, A lot of my mountain shots are shot in the mountain you see in the back, Vitosha ..
  4. D7K

    Prohodna Cave - The Eyes of God

    Something a little different from me... D850 & 24-70 2.8
  5. D7K

    Capital Fort

    A shot of a place I've wanted to get to a few times to shoot, This was taken as walking to one of the compositions I knew I wanted to try, but as we walked we passed this puddle offering an unexpected reflection shot of the building.. I'm sure the street lights will annoy a lot of people but to...
  6. D7K

    Black Sea Coast @ Sunrise

    A place I had seen before and always wanted to shoot. Now, without any filter kit (Still saving after the D850 splurge), it was challenging. We got up at around 5am which is always fun whilst on vacation AND it's your birthday. Anyways, we headed to the rocks and I setup this shot, watching...
  7. D7K

    'Mother Nature'

    Now, I know I've not been around on this forum for long, or indeed for a while, but I have been shooting. Had a lot go on personally over the last 12 months and I just kinda shut down. Switched up from my D7000 > moved to a Sony A7ii for like 6 months, sold the lot and re-invested in a D850, I...