1. D7K

    Sunset over the Reservoir

    This point was just begging to be shot, shot with the church behind me and this amazing light. C&C welcome.
  2. S

    Quest for a good Photo Manager

    ###Introduction Currently using Apple Aperture. Need a replacement. I've been thinking a lot about photo management. I'm starting to avoid the word 'DAM' as it increasingly refers to industrial sized software costing tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars. So let's look at what I mean by...
  3. P

    DAM (Photo Organigation) for iphone photos

    I take a lot of photos as I was a pro photographer and loved iview media (now media pro by phase one) and recently bought photo mechanic (also have lightroom and photoshop for processing photos). I'm trying to organize all my photos as I don't want all my photos living on the cloud/iphone...
  4. C

    DAM system where you don't pay through your nose..

    I am working in a small non profit organisation, where we seriously need something to manage our pictures - both the 30k currently on our NAS, but most of all going forward. I really hope someone can provide some advice. Our problem is that we have tons of pictures, and it is very overwhelming...
  5. koleks

    Standing Still

    At Wawa Dam: Sony NEX-3N / 55mm / f22 / 10s / ISO200