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    I take a lot of photos as I was a pro photographer and loved iview media (now media pro by phase one) and recently bought photo mechanic (also have lightroom and photoshop for processing photos). I'm trying to organize all my photos as I don't want all my photos living on the cloud/iphone photos app. I export all my phone and ipad photos then delete them in icloud, and cull/sort in photomechanic. Problem is the live photos have to be downloaded as unmodified original to keep date exif data but movies don't keep capture date in file itself no matter how download. Any solution to get date on movie file (I could manually do it in photomechanic or media pro but that would take a long time entering it for every file)

    Curious as to how other people with a lot of photos they don't all want on phone mangage them, apps? Only download ones don't want on iphone then delete those off icloud or download everything and put back favorites on icloud/photos app?


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