1. DSCN0030.jpeg


    The eyes of a mutt fixated on the toy I am holding.
  2. nerwin

    Loved this dog

    I went grocery shopping and I noticed this dog hanging out in front seat of an old 80s camper. I wish I had my camera with me but I had my phone. I just loved the way the dog was looking at me haha. I like adding a bit of grain to my phone images to make it more filmic 🙃
  3. IMG_4110 (2).jpg

    IMG_4110 (2).jpg

  4. Brimbank Park

    Brimbank Park

  5. Vigilance


    A composite of 5 cellphone images I did just for fun. Features my Jack Russell Terrier, Jed.
  6. Fujidave

    The Watcher

    Just taken and put through C1, hardly an edit. X-T3 + XF 50mm f2
  7. markjwyatt

    My Dog

    Shared this on another site. Just took it today, experimenting with B&W and the X-T2. Taffy_BWc by Mark Wyatt, on Flickr
  8. Allsop

    New to Lensbaby

    I bought a Composer Pro II together with a Sweet 35mm at the Photography Show in the NEC and have been playing with it with growing delight! As an example of my work so far with the lens here is one that I took of Alfie my rescued Greyhound. I would love comments especially if folk have tips on...
  9. Msteelio91

    Beach Adventure, Samoyed and Snowy Owl

    Went on a trip this past weekend and came across a Snowy Owl while taking my Sam (3y/o named Apollo) to the beach. Pics just for sharing, enjoy! SnowyOwlIBSP-6 by Matt Steele, on Flickr SnowyOwlIBSP-2 by Matt Steele, on Flickr SnowyOwlIBSP-13 by Matt Steele, on Flickr ApolloIBSP-5 by Matt...
  10. MaddieDPhotography

    My Latest Pet Photo Session

    I love doing pet photo shoots, they are my favorite to shoot besides senior portraits and couple portraits! This little pups name is Ava and she is a American Bully mix. She was such a sweet heart.
  11. M

    Puppy Portraits

    These are some photos I took of my in-laws' puppy, Tuck, shortly after they brought him home back in May. I hope you enjoy them. Who doesn't like puppy photos? All photos are taken using a Micro Nikkor 105mm f/2.8 lens.
  12. Samuel.z

    Hungry Dog.

    Someone got caught trying to steal some food.
  13. KalitheArtist

    Mastiff Catches Stick

    I took this a little bit ago, but I feel I need to showcase it. It was the absolute most perfect timing, even if it's a little off with clarity. Mind you I did take like 100+ photos to get it! But to get any other questions out of the way, she's a nebolish mastiff. A rare breed of mastiff. I...
  14. thelearningcurvefoto

    Acadia The Boxer Puppy

    Acadia The Boxer Puppy by thelearningcurvefoto on Photography Forum Acadia. Original photography from 2009 using a Canon EOS T1i body with a Canon EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS lens. Processed in 2015 using Silver EFEX Pro as a Lightroom plugin for the B&W conversion.