1. IMG_6538.jpeg


    Two playful young black dogs.
  2. 2022-10-18 Dog (3).JPG

    2022-10-18 Dog (3).JPG

  3. 2022-10-18 Dog (1).JPG

    2022-10-18 Dog (1).JPG

    My dog patrolling her yard.
  4. TWX

    Rare Puppers

    When our friends hold parties on holidays that feature a lot of neighboorhood fireworks, guests are encouraged to bring their dogs so the dogs can be calmed down instead of left to fend for themselves at home alone. "Sadie" - per her owner the name is a portmanteau, half-Satan, half-cutie...
  5. F

    First Time on Photo Forum, Been Shooting for About 3.5 Years

    Hey all. My name is Logan! These are some of my best/favourite shots. I have never really had more than 3 or 4 unique people critique my photos ever, so a larger body of criticism would be really appreciated. I'm a bit colourblind and am always scratching my head looking at my shots and if...
  6. KalitheArtist

    Mastiff Catches Stick

    I took this a little bit ago, but I feel I need to showcase it. It was the absolute most perfect timing, even if it's a little off with clarity. Mind you I did take like 100+ photos to get it! But to get any other questions out of the way, she's a nebolish mastiff. A rare breed of mastiff. I...