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  1. S

    Microphone similar to the Rode Videomic Pro

    Recently I got the Rode Videomic Go and I had to return it because of a hissing sound that it produced with my Canon EOS 700D So far I want to buy the Rode Videomic Pro because you can almost silence the sound that comes from your camera and make the sound that is recorded by the microphone...
  2. S

    Jessops or Currys PC World?

    I am planning on buying a Canon EOS 700D and I was wondering, in case of a malfunction on my camera, which store is better when it comes to warranty/my camera needs to get repaired. I´ve had a bad experience before with Currys PC world when it came to fixing a laptop and also Jessops my...
  3. nerwin

    My Nikon video setup

    So this so far has been my favorite setup to record videos. The 24-120 f/4 VR is really good at video stuff, the vibration reduction set to active mode really makes a difference when doing hand held video. I was able to config the zoom h1 and the D610 just right to get the audio levels matching...