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    Nikon DX upgrade? Body? Lenses

    I have the chance to upgrade some of my camera gear. I do a little bit of everything, We travel a lot so I like to do a lot of nature/landscape/wildlife/flowers stuff. I do some sports action stuff and of course the standard people portrait shoots. I am looking for honest opinions on a new...
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    Landscape Lens for DX

    Hello All I am glad to join your community and i hope you can help me and i can help you in the future. To start of i have a Nikon D5100 camera with the 18- 55 mm kit lens and i am looking to upgrade my lens.My main focus on photography is landscape and some times astrophotography .As the...
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    Nikon upgrade? d7200? Help!

    Greetings, I currently have a Nikon d3100 (Rarely use-It's mostly just for back up) and a Nikon d5100 (Primary use). I have a 18mm-55mm lens, mm-200mm lens and a lens that goes up to 300mm. I am considering upgrading to the d7200 from the d5100, From what i've read, they both use the DX...