1. SnappingShark

    Smallest fish ever

    I'd never been one for catching birds in flight, but this week, I caught one just on a whim. It's a little blurry still (I only had 1000 shutter and focus was not auto or tracking)... but I kind of like the shot despite the empty space down below Thoughts?
  2. Tailgunner

    Adult Bald Eagle Incubating Eggs

    An adult Bald Eagle in what I believe to be week 5 of incubating eggs. Its hard to tell if its a female or male, the two will trade off occasionally and their nearly identical birds. Here the Eagle is either waiting on some food or a shift change...or both. Nikon D500 w/Nikon 200-500mm...
  3. asheghesafar

    Fish eagle

    Recently I shoot some photos of wildlife including birds and other animals on a trip to Kenya, As I am new in this field I am posting my shots here, your comments may help to improve my work
  4. Jamie1989

    Birds - Vancouver Island

    Hey Everyone. These are some photos I have taken on Vancouver Island since I moved there in September. I shot these with my Nikon D3200. New to Photography please Critique. Thanks
  5. ronlane

    Screamin' Eagle

    Got this one at the state fair back in September and have been working to make sure that I was happy with it.
  6. Sarah Allyn

    Seward, AK

    A few snaps taken near Kenai Fjords National Park; Bald Eagle (Juvenile) 1/4000, f/5.6, ISO 200 - 200mm Horned/Tufted Puffins and Black-Legged Kittiwakes fly above this rookery; Sea Otter 1/1000, f/5.6. ISO 200 - 200mm Juvenile Humpback 1/1600, f/4.2, ISO400, 120mm Resident AK pod