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Jul 27, 2013
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Courtenay, BC. Vancouver Island
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Hey Everyone.
These are some photos I have taken on Vancouver Island since I moved there in September. I shot these with my Nikon D3200. New to Photography please Critique. Thanks

2015-12-18 12.04.59.jpg
2016-01-10 15.52.04.jpg
2015-12-14 14.13.22.jpg
2015-12-18 13.21.53.jpg
2015-11-13 14.43.08.jpg
2015-12-18 11.27.35.jpg
Great shots I love then all they are awesome
1st thing try not to post so many at one time. 4-5 max. Some nice ones in there. I shoot a lot of little birds, and the two you have in there are quite nice. Might reduce the shadow on the wren's back a bit though.
Nice, I like the last one.It's so clean and nnice!
Very nice! Hope to see more. If you really want critique ( not from me) post only one or two photos and when you post more it helps to number them.
There are many great places for bird photography in the Courtenay area.
With the Mallard if you had bent down and were at the same level it would have been better (sadly I often forget to do this). However they are good photos, I really like the Heron.

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