1. D

    Does anyone use a large turntable for 360 photos?

    Not sure if this is the right place to post😬.. I am new here. I am photographing furniture for eCommerce and in the process of renovating our studio. We are thinking to invest in the turntable, but for the large pieces that we photograph (which go up to 120" long and 80-90" high) it's really...
  2. Connor Moriarty

    Who has experience with automatic photography machines (OrvitVu, Styleshoot)

    I am a photographer, but also the studio manager for a company that does outsourced product photography and editing for retail and eCommerce. We use OrvitVu systems to automate all of our photography to be as efficient as possible. The biggest inefficiency we have is the inability for all of our...
  3. P

    Showing scale for large products

    I'm looking to update the photography for my fossil and mineral ecommerce store. Right now I show a hand to give a quick impression of scale (for items 1-5 feet long). What are some other strategies/objects, not including a ruler/yardstick to achieve this?