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Aug 25, 2020
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I am a photographer, but also the studio manager for a company that does outsourced product photography and editing for retail and eCommerce. We use OrvitVu systems to automate all of our photography to be as efficient as possible. The biggest inefficiency we have is the inability for all of our software, websites, and back-end company software to talk to each other. For example, we wish when a customer places a product photography order on our website, that order could be directly reflected in the OrvitVu software. Then, once shooting is complete, we wish we could export all assets directly to our customer, rather than to a hard drive/server, and THEN send it to the customer.

Anyways, do any of you have experience with this technology? If so, can you recommend any tips for web services that can be coded/scripted to directly communicate with OrbitVu software? Would we need to create proprietary software that is capable of this? Or does something already exist that would allow for this functionality?

I am very experienced with the actual machine and operating it, but I am a total noob when it comes to scripting (I'm just a photographer!).
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As you are not advertising and I am not staff I would ask that you remove the link to your site.
A lot of people don’t use links, you could edit so that if people want the link they could pm you.
I hope that there is someone who can help, in the mean time welcome. As you are a photographer. Let’s see some of what you like to shoot.
Here is a sample of a night shoot using long exposures
I shoot all sorts except people
With respect, consultants get paid to solve problems like this.

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