1. F

    Photography: is community college worth it?

    Hi! First things first: my apologies if this is not the right thread! I'm new and I'm not quite sure whether this is the right place to post these kind of questions. I'm in my early thirties and am looking forward to study photography. Since a BFA is out of my league, I was thinking about...
  2. JinxyCatInk

    Beginning Photography, Where to start? (Closed)

    Currently writing articles for my magazine, since its the first issue, I thought the first article should be about How to start Photography. Alas, I am not a photographer, so I'm puzzled on where to start myself. Would anyone help me with this? what is the first thing a photographer needs? where...
  3. markjwyatt

    Amazing Educator: Clarence A Bach

    My dad passed last year. He was an avid photographer, and got me into photography many years ago. He was a retired high school teacher and taught photography amongst other things. In the 1940s he attended a vocational program for photography run by a guy named Clarence A. Bach. Clarence A...