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enlarger timer

  1. egmontag

    Selling darkroom equipment--omega d5xl, chromega head & chromegatrol

    Hi all, I inherited some darkroom equipment after my father passed away, and I am finally ready to pack it up and sell it to someone who appreciates it. I am selling the following items: D5-XL Super Chromega D Dichroic II enlarger head, neg carriers, stand, controls. Omega stand. Type: D5-XL...
  2. L

    Another Beseler 23Cii Problem...please.

    I'm all set to print in my recently converted darkroom, all of my own. I supplied it with a Beseler enlarger and accessories, but I can not get my set up to respond to my timer. I guess it would be synchronization between all accessories. Never before discussed in school, does anyone have any...