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    Dropped my camera, aperture gone? Help please

    My Lens: Cannon EOS-M Hi, I dropped my camera and now everything is dark and blurry, Also there is a ring that i can see in side the lens, it moves a lil when i shake the lens. Also, Nothing happens when i change the aperture. Please help, Is it the aperture thats broken? or loose? Is it...
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    Eos m or m10

    Hi everyone, I am looking to buy a entry level mirrorless. My favorite one is the canon eos m, but right now i can find only a few used so i thought i may take an new m10 for the same price. Is it worth? Or the eos m is much better than the m10? I do mostly street and landscape photography...
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    Canon EOS M/50mm 1.8

    I have the Canon EOS M with the 50mm 1.8 lens. When I press the shutter button half way to autofocus, the shutter closes but doesn't reopen. When I press the button again, it opens. Everything works fine on manual focus and the autofocus works with my other lenses. Any help would be greatly...