1. dolina

    Auto-display EXIF data from hotlinked images

    Is it possible for thephotoforum to scrape EXIF data and display them? Specific to - Camera model - Lens model - f-number - shutter speed - ISO sensitivity - etc Then an opt-in for GPS coordinates as some users like myself take the extra effort to embed this data in post to show on mapping...
  2. D

    Olympus TG5 exif data

    Hi Folks When I import TG5 photos into my Wordpress blog editor I have to edit out "OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA" from the file title and caption fields. I do not have this issue with photos from other cameras. Is there some option or selector on my TG5 that will prevent it from doing this? Or, does...
  3. danbob6

    How to find EXIF on posted photos

    Hi all- Can anyone explain to me how I can (assuming it's possible) see the EXIF on photos posted to TPF? Thanks
  4. S

    Lightroom not exporting the exif data

    Lightroom is driving me crazy right now! I had to import a few thousand photos and so I made a temporary Lightroom catalog to work from. I then sorted my photos and started exporting them and placing them in the correct catalogs and into my Photos app libraries. Everything looks good until I...
  5. H

    Photo management & EXIF editor advice

    Hi, first time poster here.. I have thousands of digital photos stored which currently have no order to them other than being saved in folders in the Windows directory. I would like to start the mammoth task of cataloging them and organising them but need advice on what the best (for not FREE)...