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    Weird damage pattern on 120 film (Rolleiflex)

    After I got my film developed in a local photography shop I noticed this very unusual "light leak" damage and a pattern of dots to go along with it. It only affected first frame of two rolls that I have looked at for the most part. Some of the subsequent frames display a bit of a dot pattern as...
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    Troubleshoot: Field Monitor with Nikon D5100

    Hi all, I'm using a Neewer 7" HDMI Field Monitor with my Nikon D5100 and am having a bit of trouble with the Live View working as intended. As you probably know, video is only possible while in the live view mode (where the screen shows you what you would be seeing through the viewfinder)...
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    Just a Waiting Game

    We are down to the final week before our due date and passing time by taking a few photos. Here is one from last night.