1. F

    why is it that when I record a video on my camera, it looks different than others even though I follow the same settings?

    for eg. I set frame rate double , so 30fps to 60 fps then, iso to auto, then aperture to the widest (f/4 for me) and everything else. Then I set it on tripod, hit record. when I film myself it looks a bit washed out and my skin look saggy and pores are very visible, the overall movie is flat...
  2. M

    Camera settings for proposal video - HELP PLEASE

    What are the best settings to use for filming a proposal? Camera - 5D Markiii with 70-200mm EF lens Shoot is in an open area of a park and the weather will be overcast but bright (filming done secretly from afar) Any advice would be massively appreciated! (I am last minute jumping in to help...
  3. hughdgray

    Filming in Macro!

    Anyone tried filming in macro? Just made a start, does anyone have suggestions/ideas? Used to photographing in macro but never filming. Does anyone know some tips on how to get a better depth of field? Hooked on videos like this!:
  4. G

    opinions on what camera i should get!!!

    hey hey hey! this is my very first post here! and was hoping i could get some help! haha I'm starting to do a bit of vlogging and a few other video work! and am looking for a decent camera to record in HD, i don't have many preferences other than i really need a flippable viewfinder/screen so...