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    my first Diana Mini roll - failure

    Hello! I bought a Diana Mini camera and today I picked up my first roll and I'm so disappointed with the results (I was expecting it because is my first time, but still) So I need help, how can I get better shots? And what happened? why the colors are so weird? And why they have, i don't know...
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    Film roll in a jammed camera

    Hi, I bought a used Olympus Infinity Stylus zoom 105. Shot up to 14 frames with it and nothing seems wrong. After the 14th frame the camera got jammed and still is (as I'm typing). Well its not about the camera being jammed but the film inside it. Is there any chance that I could remove the...
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    Expired ektachrome 100 in 1996

    Hello everyone, I am going to shoot with expired ektachrome films this weekend, which is intentional, and makes sense for the concept of my project. It expired in December 1996. I am expecting to do some or a lot of job with photoshop in terms of color balance. My only concern is...