first camera purchase

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    First Camera Need Help - Budget $500-$700

    Hello everyone! I have always enjoyed taking photos and I have been thinking about getting into photography for awhile, and a few people in my life suggested that it is something I should pursue.. so here I am. I have been researching different cameras and it has been slightly overwhelming...
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    So many choices. Any advice?

    My husband wants to buy me a nice digital camera like a mirrorless or DSLR. He wants me to essentially choose what I would want except that I have no idea since I've never owned either one I've never held either one and so it's really confusing for me. I will say I am home most of the time, I...
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    Canon 700D VS Canon EOS M3

    I'm looking for advise on my first camera purchase. Within my price range, I am currently looking at the Canon 700D or the Canon EOS M3. My requirements: - small and lightweight - takes clear pictures with or without added lenses - good built in stabilizer - suitable for photo's of people and...