first post

  1. prashant_gandhi

    Hello Everyone! I'am New Here :)

    Hi all! Greetings for the day, My self Prashant Gandhi, you can call me "PG". :) I am new on "ThePhotoForum", I am very passionate about Photography and Music. Hope the journey with you all will be very beautiful! Regards, PG
  2. trexon

    an abandoned adventure (feedback is appreciated)

  3. jbrunet6

    White photos on long exposure

    Hi guys! I'm a 17 year old from a city nearby Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain! So, sorry for my 'bad' English. And this is my first post! I had a Nikon D3300 for my BDay (Actually my Bday was the 15th and I got the camera on the 7th, and I like taking long exposure photos but when I try to take...
  4. MiahStan

    First Post & Hi Everyone

    Hi there! I've been shooting full time for the past 6 years but have really lacked a good community to be a part of. Really looking forward to all the discussions on the forum. I love lighting and I'm probably most knowledgeable at that, but am ready to pick up some new tricks. Thanks so...