1. IMG_3127.jpeg


    Sparkle, the male angelfish.
  2. IMG_3285.jpeg


    Electric blue acara cichlid.
  3. SnappingShark

    Smallest fish ever

    I'd never been one for catching birds in flight, but this week, I caught one just on a whim. It's a little blurry still (I only had 1000 shutter and focus was not auto or tracking)... but I kind of like the shot despite the empty space down below Thoughts?
  4. PersistentNomad

    Revisiting some old friends

    A few of the threads on here have me nostalgic for the abundance of interesting wildlife in Florida, or just the more open environment to shoot them in. So, I thought I'd share some of my greatest hits.
  5. katsrevenge

    Went to a Pond, Saw Pond Critters!

    That fro g was huge. Really, really huge.
  6. Shael

    Another day at the Zoo

    First time posting here, comments welcome. From the Henry Doorly Zoo:
  7. B

    Beginner fish of the day [7]

    Hello ! I will try to upload one photo I took each day for one month. I spent 30 minutes in front of fish today because I wanted a nice shot, and those guys didn't want to do what I expected.. Finally, I took that photo and I'm pretty happy! What do you think about it ?
  8. B

    Beginner shot of the day [3]

    Hi ! I will try to upload one photo I took each day for one month. Here is my 3rd shot I was walking on a fish market when this guy attracted my attention. I was lucky the fisherman allowed me to take it in photo (a lot of photo interdiction in the market). Thank you for your advice :)
  9. D-B-J

    GoPro Footage from Stellwagen Bank Fish Collection!

    Don't forget to watch in HD! I know this is a photo forum... but I also do video sometimes :) Cheers! Jake
  10. D-B-J

    On Stellwagen Bank Collecting Fish with NOAA and the USGS

    Hey Everyone! As some of you might know, I'm a graduate student at UCONN, and that's what I do with my real life. We went out this past week to the Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary on the NOAA R/V Auk, with the intent of collecting the 200 Northern Sand Lance for our research. It was a...