1. S

    Godox / Flashpoint Streak Light

    I'm considering another battery pack bare bulb flash. Several years ago a came into a Quantum Q-Flash T-2 and bought a Turbo 2X2 battery which have served me well. The battery has reached the end of its life and factory refurb will run $80-$100. The flash is very old technology and while...
  2. gossamer

    Avoiding shadows with portraits and monolights

    Hi, I have two Flashpoint XPLOR 600s, each with a 36" octobox and a D500 with a 24-70mm and plan on using it to take pictures at an event for a non-profit to be held in a fancy ballroom. I took a few practice shots today with my wife and can't figure out the proper lighting arrangement to avoid...
  3. Destin

    High School Basketball - An Xplor 600 "review"

    I shot my first high school basketball game of the season yesterday, and used it as an opportunity to put my two new flashpoint xplor 600 monolights to the test. In the past I've used 4 Yongnuo YN-685 speedlights for this task, but have always found them quite underpowered for this type of work...
  4. D

    Help with flash controllers!!!

    Hello, New to the site. I shoot with a Canon 6D and I have been using a Yongnuo YN685 flash and YN622C-TX controller and I love them. Arriving tomorrow is a Flashpoint Xplor 600 and R2 controller and I am wondering are the two flashes compatible with one controller??? Or do I need to purchase a...