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Feb 16, 2011
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I'm considering another battery pack bare bulb flash. Several years ago a came into a Quantum Q-Flash T-2 and bought a Turbo 2X2 battery which have served me well. The battery has reached the end of its life and factory refurb will run $80-$100. The flash is very old technology and while extremely reliable is what it is and updating is also expensive.

I've seen and read much on what I suppose is a Chinese import near equivalent. Adorama sells a system under their private label "Flashpoint" with the model Streak Light 360. This flash is more powerful than the T series Quantum but less powerful than the X. The battery will power the Quantum T series flash at a cost new of $109 that is more inviting than re-celling the 2X2. Accessories are plentiful enough for the Streak Light and affordable as well. Also a selling point is the built-in RF receiver and the camera dedication without a bunch of expensive add-on's that the Quantum system requires.

I'm curious to know photographers who use these and the build quality / reliability of the entire system. Flash, trigger and batteries are all of importance. Further, I use the Q-Flash on a bracket. It has a 1/4 X 20 mount but the Flashpoint lights have a hot shoe mount. Adapter aside, is that mount sturdy?

Thanks in advance for your replies.


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Jul 8, 2005
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I bought one when I needed an "emergency" light with HSS that had more oomph than a speedlight, and have wound up using it a LOT. The build quality is surprisingly good, and it's very reliable; the only failures/issues I've had were traced back to operator error! It should come with both a hot shoe and a 1/4NC base plate; swapping is matter of seconds with a small Phillips screwdriver... BUT. I would not use either one, especially not the hot shoe. I may be a nervous Nelly, but it just feels like wayyyy too much weight for that small support.

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