1. EIngerson

    Mira Mar Air Show. San Diego CA.

    It was the weekend before last. I took Friday off from work and went out there and got fried because I didn't bring my super cool straw photo shootin' hat. Still had a blast!!!! So here's what I got. 1 Air show.-23 by Eric Ingerson, on Flickr 2 Air show.-26 by Eric Ingerson, on Flickr 3 Air...
  2. CallibCarver

    Stretching Wings | C&C

    I don't typically photograph animals, but while walking the local lake I got a few frames that caught my attention. A bit of a far cry from photographing for publications, events, and people. Thoughts?
  3. stillbinary

    Shot from the sky

    Arriving Europe shot from the sky w/ Loxia 21 on Sony a7rII - taken handheld, - manual focus, - iso 100, - f/5.6 Thanks a lot for the help limr. Much appreciated.