1. NGH

    Pet Selfies

    My local Vet has a Phone App (I guess everyone has an App) and on it they have a sort of rolling gallery of Pet (mostly dog) photos. This week I noticed that it is accompanied my the text "Send us a selfie of your pet to be featured here" Surely they mean Portrait of your pet as I am not aware...
  2. Modifeye

    This is what happens when you pin a location in Google

    Who woulda thought? :biggrin-new:
  3. ryanator777

    31 Days of Halloween

    2015 2016
  4. Ksimon

    : ) Caught I got you!

    Why they are together when i am alone! : ( Sad in 5s P/s: This photo was taken by my handheld camera so the quality is not good.
  5. opauga

    Photographers are a different kind of creatures. Do you agree?

    I Found this funny post about how wierd Photographers really are. Seems true for me. Started to laugh and think, is it really so or only I'm wierd? ----