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Sep 13, 2019
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My local Vet has a Phone App (I guess everyone has an App) and on it they have a sort of rolling gallery of Pet (mostly dog) photos. This week I noticed that it is accompanied my the text "Send us a selfie of your pet to be featured here"
Surely they mean Portrait of your pet as I am not aware of a large number of dogs able to take a self portrait or has there been a sudden evolutionary leap that I missed
Thank you for putting this in the right place mystery Admin person :D
Well there's that famous selfie that did the rounds a while back - then did it again when newspapers and companies wanting to profit off it argued that as the monkey took it and they can't have copyright that it was copyright free.
Monkey selfie copyright dispute - Wikipedia

That said yes they would be portraits, but like a lot of casual marketing the term "selfie" gets missused by people to make things sound more popular/current etc... So basically its just marketing being marketing and probably someone just saying "oh wouldn't it be cool if" kinda things.

Plus people "get" what a selfie is and selfies are often highlighted by being really unprofessional and just happy snapping. Whilst portrait sounds a bit more "formal". Perhaps its even a subtle way to be able to have a level playing field rather than the local "Uncle Bob" win with his "pro DSLR" and "Mad portrait skillz".

That said with the right setup and patience I'm sure loads of pets can trigger cameras (often without realising) to take selfies. Course chances are you'll waste a LOT of photos before you get a good one from your cat.
At my work we have a Labrador Retriever who has moved to the middle management level... my how times have changed! Evolutionary advancements and all...

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