galaxy s7

  1. nerwin

    Camel's Hump Silhouette Sunset

    Went for a evening walk/hike on a 3 mile trail loop and when I got back out the sky was looking like this! I didn't have my camera with me, I feel ashamed. But since I was primarily walking/hiking for exercising, I really didn't want to be in a photography mood otherwise I'll never get out of...
  2. nerwin

    Autumn is coming...

    I was walking around my lawn getting some fresh air, wasn't really taking pictures but just taking a break from something and I looked down and saw this really red leaf laying there and I picked it up and took this picture with my phone! It made me realize the change is inevitable, it's coming...
  3. nerwin

    The Bus Stop

    I spent quite a bit of time on this photo going back and forth with processing. I uploaded a subtle color version to Instagram and for some reason I didn't like it. It felt like it wasn't "me". So I slept on it and when I looked at it this morning, I really felt a dramatic black and white was...
  4. nerwin

    Sometimes You Have to Reflect

    I went for a good 3+ mile walk yesterday morning and the light was pretty decent and when I saw how clear this pond was, the reflection was pretty decent! I only had my phone on me, Samsung Galaxy S7 and took this shot in RAW mode and processed it in Lightroom. As usual, had a hard time...
  5. nerwin

    My New Year's Eve Lunch

    Sorry if I made you hungry. Taken with Samsung Galaxy S7.