Camel's Hump Silhouette Sunset

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    Went for a evening walk/hike on a 3 mile trail loop and when I got back out the sky was looking like this! I didn't have my camera with me, I feel ashamed. But since I was primarily walking/hiking for exercising, I really didn't want to be in a photography mood otherwise I'll never get out of the woods and there would be a whole search party looking for me (okay..I'm exaggerating) but when I got back out to the car, I had to wait for a couple other people since I pretty much ran the whole thing lol so I spent some time shooting the sunset with my phone.

    This shot I took 6 vertical shots in RAW and stitched them together in Lightroom.

    I'm pretty happy with it, especially for a phone. Obviously phones don't have the world's greatest DR, so I decided to just make it a silhouette. But I centered Vermont's famous mountain, Camel's Hump in the frame.

    A regional news network, NECN liked it so much so that they used it on the air this morning! Well..I suppose it kind of helps that I have a connection there haha.


    Yeah I know, it's nothing amazing. But it goes to show you that even when you don't have your main photography camera with you, you can still take great pictures with whatever you have. Except unless, you don't have any picture taking device. Haha.

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    Very nice. I like the silhouette. Who knew that phone cameras could so so well?


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