1. Foxtrot_01

    Help- first time using parabolic umbrella for a glamour shoot - advice

    Hello, I just purchased an impact 7' parabolic umbrella, prior I have used rectangular softboxes for my shoots. I was hoping to get some advice on the positioning of the parabolic umbrella, this is a full body shot, as per the model her best side is the left side. I have a home studio, model is...
  2. MSPStudio

    Last One Before Covid

    My last shoot in Bali before the COVID19 lockdown. More now on my site. What do you reckon - thumbs up? Follow my portflio @ MY SEXY PHOTO SHOOT | London, Birmingham, Manchester Leicester. Instagram @ The Glamour Photographer (@mysexyshoot) • Instagram photos and videos
  3. UKGlamour

    UK Glamour: I recently shot my second PlayBoy cover! NSFW

    Hello! My name is Mick Capture and I have been a glamour photographer for a long time now at UK Glamour. Fortunately for me I have been lucky enough to do TWO PlayBoy photo-shoots now! For a Glamour Photographer in London THIS IS THE JACKPOT and I am so proud to have been able to take part...
  4. snphoto2016

    Sue Bryce

    ok, new to the forum here so this may not be a new topic but I recently signed up for Sue Bryce's live streaming videos (educational?). I have skimmed through some of her content and while I think she has some great resources, I'm wondering how viable her structure is in rural markets. How well...
  5. Robert Choquette

    First Post - Some of my work NSFW

    NSFW! Going to my website or flickr site will be even more NSFW. Here are some of my "less risqué" photos. Harley Quinn - Robert Choquette Nurit - Robert Choquette Blonde Beauty - Robert Choquette Vero - Robert Choquette Daydream - Robert Choquette