hard light

  1. k.udhay

    Overcoming hard lights outdoor

    Hi, Recently I came across this instagram pic: Instagram post by neerhiragarshoot • Jul 18, 2017 at 4:11pm UTC This looks like an outdoor shoot. Though the sunlight looks hard, the shadows on the model (or even at background) objects don't have any dark sudden shadows. I see soft shadows...
  2. k.udhay

    Two softboxes with same flash power - Getting under exposed image

    Hi, Recently I tried cake smash photography of my daughter at my home. It was at late evening, hence had to use flashes. Gears used: 1. Nikon D3200 18 - 105 mm lens 2. Two Yongnuo YN560 IV flashes operated with remote trigger 3. Two soft boxes of 80 cm sq. 4. One backdrop Flash power...
  3. k.udhay

    Need some tips on post wedding photo shoot at hard light

    Hi, I am planning to do an outdoor photo shoot of a recently married couple. I have got about a months time to prepare and want to make use of it. Here are the conditions: Location - Mahapalipuram, Chennai, India Place of beaches (East coast) with and without some rocks...