1. nerwin

    Should I ditch the desktop for a laptop?

    For all the years I've been working on computers, I never owned a laptop. I've always just built my own PC with the specs I needed, it was significantly cheaper at the time and laptops just weren't as powerful but today this just isn't the case anymore. There are laptops out there that...
  2. G

    Is using a screen color calibrating software worth it?

    Hi guys. Can I satisfactorily calibrate the colors of my computer screen with programs, like Calibrize and QuickGamma, or is calibrating hardware the only real solution? Here are the links to the programs I mentioned: Calibrize QuickGamma
  3. J

    Best software for searching, collating and cataloging across drives

    Hi all, Hoping I could get a few suggestions for software to collect up all the images I have and store them safely - situation is: I have multiple hard drives containing numerous (3,000+ photos) in RAW, JPG, TIF formats I'm looking for software that could scan/search across all the drives (I...