1. Nikolay

    Portrait of a lady

    This one is one of my latest studio works, the image was planned as a headshot style portrait for her website. Like to find out what your thoughts are on the look and style of the image.
  2. Nikolay

    Actress headshot portrait

    Hello fellow portraitures ;) I'd like to share an image from my latest work, involving photographing an actress headshot in a studio .
  3. gossamer

    Strip light for key light for profile pictures

    Hi, I have a D500 with a 24-70mm and I'm trying to set up an environment for taking profile pictures / headshots for a few friends. I also have two Flashpoint XPLOR 600s with two Glow 36" octoboxes and an SB700 flash for lighting the background. I purchased the Fovitec 14x62 strip softbox with...
  4. A

    Hello from Los Angeles

    Hey gang, I'm a headshot photographer and occasional real estate photog. Looking forward to talking shop and learning from everyone. If you're interested you can see my work here. I've attached a recent shot from last week.
  5. Krueger

    A simplistic headshot

    Any thoughts?