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Portrait of a lady


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Apr 7, 2013
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United Kingdom
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This one is one of my latest studio works, the image was planned as a headshot style portrait for her website. Like to find out what your thoughts are on the look and style of the image.
IMG_3778 online.jpg
I don't know the "look" of the website, which might make a difference.

Couple of thoughts: The lighting is interesting, but not what I would expect. You might consider more light on her neck to help erase those creases there. Also, with such a bright yellow background, her portrait is somewhat over-powered. Also, you might want to crop in tight because most internet portraits want to be mostly face, and not so much dark clothing included.
I would have a close look at the image and note where is in focus and where is not.
DOF seems very shallow
Not sure about the back ground, it seem to lend a colour cast to her face
Unless photo used for mug shot, eg driving licence use. Try different pose a hand up to the face. Just about to eat a choc bar. Putting on lip stick
Depends what You-and or her want the finished image to be
Ideas I post is how I would do an image to get the result I would be looking for. This may not work for you
Well, I'm no portrait tog so not really qualified to crit albeit I'm gonna try my hand at it. I'd be happy with this.
Thank you for sharing.

The image is the basis of a standard corporate type shot. I agree with the other comments that’s have been made. The stand out points for me are the background colour, which is a bit wishy washy and really doesn’t complement the red hair of the model. Also, the image is lacking in sharpness, which is a problem if it has a going to be viewed online.


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