1. Glostars

    Greetings from Finland

    Hi everybody! My name is Jonathan and I am an ameteur/enthusiastic photographer. I have little experience with photography, but I am a fast learner. I hope I can learn a lot in this forum and be able to share some of my work with you guys. I am currently living in Finland so I expect to be...
  2. VoyagerXyX

    Greetings from North Bay, California

    Hey everyone! My name is Alex and I'm hardly a professional. I've been doing photography as a passive hobby for about five years. A couple months ago I got into film and it changed the way I look at photography as an art. I'm really enjoying photography in a way I don't think I was able to...
  3. VincentPaul

    Hello everyone!

    Hi my name is Vincent I am a photographer in the DC area. I've been shooting for about 5 years now collectively and after a few months away, photography and I have recently gotten back together. I currently own a Canon Rebel T3 which I will be upgrading to my first full frame camera...
  4. itsjustbreality

    Hello Everyone!

    Hello! I'm Brea, and I'm excited to officially join this forum! I say 'officially' because I've actually perused it for a while, but I like to observe before I interact (stalker status). I'm an aspiring professional photographer (not like you haven't heard that for the millionth time!), and am...
  5. david_spyhop

    Greetings from California!

    Hi all, Just popping in to say hi ... For the last few years, I've been learning a lot about photography and video (and TPF has been a great source of info ... thanks!). Mostly shooting personal and amateur stuff, but more recently I've come to believe that pairing the right...
  6. Yama.Furiku

    Allo Allo

    Hello all! I am a hobby photographer based in New Zealand. Focus mainly on cars and car culture. Please be gentle :)
  7. franciru

    Hello From London, UK

    Hello All, I have been looking for a decent forum for a while, one with lots of activity and something of a buzz about it; well I think I've found it. I have been into photography now for around 16 years, not shooting as much as I'd like but it's taken me to some amazing places and I've learnt...
  8. wacky941

    Hello from Texas

    I would just like to start my time here by saying hello to everyone. I've had camera's pretty much my whole life but, I consider myself to be a hobbyist/novice. I have digital cameras and accessories that I really enjoy using but lately, I'm starting to revert back to my film cameras that I...
  9. BrettMikaluk

    Hello from Alberta!

    Hey there! my name is Brett! I'm new to the site and thought I would introduce myself seeing as there's a place to do it anyways! So my name is Brett, I'm 18, I attend Grant MacEwan University in Edmonton (I'm taking graphic design) and I shoot almost entirely on film! (I shoot with my Minolta...
  10. chris herzog


    Hi there I just signed up and have a look around... My favorit photography subjects are people, nature, street, sport and wedding. I like to discover and explore creative new ways to shoot and I am also happy to help and share. What do you recommend me to do next on this site? Greetings from...
  11. stillbinary

    Newbie here saying hello!

    Just saying hello to the photoforum community and introducing myself! I'm a consultant travelling extensively around the world taking pictures along the way. Having no constructive feedback on my pictures, I decided to publish them on this website StillBinary where I also share my feedback...