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Hello from Texas


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Jul 19, 2016
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Pearland, Texas
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I would just like to start my time here by saying hello to everyone. I've had camera's pretty much my whole life but, I consider myself to be a hobbyist/novice. I have digital cameras and accessories that I really enjoy using but lately, I'm starting to revert back to my film cameras that I always enjoyed using but have not played with for at least ten years.
I have a Pentax K1000 that belonged to my father which ironically is the specific camera that got me interested in 35mm cameras 40+ years ago, my dad bought it and I used it more than he did so he gave it to me in the mid nineties. I also have a Canon A1 that I've had for about twenty years, I stopped using it when I went digital. I have questions about that particular camera now but, that will be at a later time after I have introduced myself and had a chance to see if I can find any existing threads that cover my problem with it.
My favorite camera is the AE-1 Program, I had two when I was a teenager but had to sell them to make ends meet when I was in the military, later I was in Hong Kong and bought a Black Body AE-1 Program, that one quickly became my favorite unfortunately it was broken when it was knocked off the shelf I had rested it on hitting the concrete. I was heartbroken over it but, that's when I bought the A1 which I really enjoyed also. I found another Black Body AE-1 Program on eBay recently and it is in shipment as I write this, I'm excited to receive it soon, kinda like when you take a picture and have to wait until the film is developed wondering if you got the shot.

Anyway, that's a little bit about me and I am excited to be here, I'm looking forward to the interaction and learning new things from all the experience collected in this one forum.

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