1. P

    how to take great shots by yourself for social media?

    going hiking up in scandavia and want to capture the alpines and great nature aas well as feature myself in them for social media /portfolio and share with friends and family. I want them to appear professional with certain light hitting it just right and having myself angle a certain way. I...
  2. D7K

    Musala - The King of the Balkan Peninsula

    Few weeks ago we headed out to climb Musala, The highest peak on the Balkan Peninsula; 2925m. Of course the camera came with me.
  3. D7K

    Pre-Hike Sunrise In Vihren, Bulgaria

    So, again I've been trying to keep up with the forum, with the editing and with controlling the amount of space on my MacBook. Recently I've taken to hiking, my better half has always had such a love for the mountains and has hiked in every season in many places I could only dream to go and...
  4. H

    Should I buy a camera?

    Hi there, Whenever I’ve been hiking or travelling I’m normally disappointed by my photos when I get home (I use an iPhone 7). I often find it quite difficult to frame landscapes nicely without walking a load to get the shot right, because I can’t zoom without losing the image quality. I’m a...
  5. Sarah Allyn Photo

    Kantishna Sunrise

    Backcountry unit #42 in Denali NP, 9/8/18. CC is always welcome :)
  6. Destin

    Adirondack Backpacking Trip Photos

    Just got home from a four day backpacking trip in the Adirondack Mountains. My friend Ryan (and his dog) and I covered 26 miles, 5800 feet of elevation gain, and summited the second tallest mountain in NY (Algonquin Peak, 5,114 feet). The terrain was extremely rugged and hard to hike on, but we...
  7. Destin

    Adirondack Mountains - My first High Peak Hike

    I'm about 5-6 hours drive time from the incredible Adirondack Mountains. I've taken photos there before, but I've never been brave enough to try climbing the high peaks because the elevation gains are quite intense. There are (traditionally) 46 peaks over 4000ft elevation above sea level. It's...
  8. travelguy92

    Tennessee hiking (waterfalls!)

    Tennessee always takes forever to turn colors, which I kind of like and kind of hate. Fall is my favorite time of year and its always frustrating to watch the rest of the world get color while I'm still sitting in 85 and humid with lots of green. That being said... our fall colors usually last...
  9. travelguy92

    A trip to Peru

    Last year I did a backpacking trip to Peru. I have tons of photos, naturally, but here are just a few to share with you. As you'd expect, Machu Picchu is AMAZING and it blows your mind. But I also did a trek through a portion of the Amazon rain forest, something I've wanted to do since I was a...
  10. DriedStrawbery

    Little ones Hiking

    Please critique. There seem to be some elements of the pic that seems to be working well here... not able to call them out. Pls let me know how this came out and what work it still needs. Much appreciated! Thanks.
  11. Msteelio91

    Climbed Kilimanjaro [Pic heavy :) ]

    Hey all, I recently had the experience of a lifetime exploring Tanzania and climbing Kilimanjaro. My fiance and I did it together with 8 other climbers in our group, and the help of our guides and porters (Gods of men they are!). We also did a 4-Day safari afterwards, which I'm still working on...