Adirondack Backpacking Trip Photos


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Sep 11, 2010
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Western New York
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Just got home from a four day backpacking trip in the Adirondack Mountains. My friend Ryan (and his dog) and I covered 26 miles, 5800 feet of elevation gain, and summited the second tallest mountain in NY (Algonquin Peak, 5,114 feet). The terrain was extremely rugged and hard to hike on, but we had an absolute blast. I didn't have enough batteries for the X-T20 yet, so I begrudgingly dragged the D810 out with me along with my 50 1.8 and 20 1.8.

Now, these aren't my best photos ever. The weather didn't cooperate for landscape photos, so I mostly just documented the trip. But I lugged the DSLR along and put in the effort, so I figured I'd share some photos. At times I felt like I was shooting product ads for some of these companies (MSR, Merrell, Garmin).

1.) First photo of the hike, a few miles in
Algonquin_Hike_-1 by Destin Danser, on Flickr

2.) Took this one to show just how tough and rocky the "trail" was
Algonquin_Hike_-2 by Destin Danser, on Flickr

3.) Man's Best Friend is also a pillow
Algonquin_Hike_-32 by Destin Danser, on Flickr

4.) Not all who wander are lost.. thanks to Garmin.
Algonquin_Hike_-12 by Destin Danser, on Flickr

5.) My extremely attractive look in the soaking rain and high winds atop Algonquin
Algonquin_Hike_-18 by Destin Danser, on Flickr

6.) The best dining room tables aren't tables at all
Algonquin_Hike_-29 by Destin Danser, on Flickr

7.) Muddy Shoes
Algonquin_Hike_-20 by Destin Danser, on Flickr
Very interesting photos! From an old guy who no longer hikes. Alas.

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