1. A Time of Thanks.jpg

    A Time of Thanks.jpg

    The residents of Red Lodge, MT decided to leave some of their pumpkins from Halloween for the local deer to eat. I'm sure they thought that was a fantastic treat.
  2. enezdez

    "Remembering, May They All Rest In Peace In This Holiday Season..."

    GFX 50R f/10.0 ISO 400 1/250 Sec. GF 80mm f/1.7 R WR 63mm Equivalent NISI Black Mist Filter 1/8 (Processed In LR & PS) Happy Holidays Everyone, Keep Alive The Memories Of Lost Loved Ones... Cheers, Enezdez
  3. NGH

    What to take on my vacation this weekend...

    So I am off to the island of Oahu this weekend; yey for me! :) I will be taking my Olympus Pen-F digital but debating which film camera to take with me. Avoiding the answer "all of them!" I just want to take one as I have a young child so luggage space is at a premium. Here are the options; 1...
  4. footballfan993

    Photos with Santa!

    So, I have just learned that Santa (who is very much a real person!) is coming to my local Kwik Trip store in Stevens Point, WI. And I was wondering if I could as my boss, at Kwik Trip if I could take picture of the kids with Santa. I am pretty new to photography, and I haven't really taken many...