home studio

  1. Anairuai

    From home studio

    From my old home studio in 2020:
  2. Barb King

    Need advice on home studio equipment

    Hi all, I would love advice from you all on what to buy for a home portrait studio. I do have some money to spend, but what I don't have is a good natural light source or a lot of space. (I'm in a small, dark, one bedroom apartment.) I have a pro camera set up and have had decent success...
  3. okwori12

    Photography Budget Studio

    Hello, I joined this platform today and am really in love with all the discussions I've seen so far. Am a newbies in photography but i really love the art. Professionally am a graphic designer (www.facebook.com/pillarsgraphics) but want to add photography to my skills. Please Permit me to...