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  1. M

    Nikon P900 as webcam

    Can I use my Nikon P 900 as a webcam? I bought a webcam but the quality is poor and I don´t want to buy again another one. Can anyone advise me how to set it up and if it is wise to use my P900 as a webcam. Thanks.
  2. Y

    how to turn my art to Metal Scroll Medallion

    How I make my Art to Becomes a Metal Scroll Medallion And how can I find someone who can make a technical conversion to Metal Scroll Medallion? Can I find a company that is making both manufacturing and converting? Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks
  3. D

    Super quick & easy lighting set up

    Hello everyone! I’m a photographer who mostly focus on Concept Art, Fashion & Portraits. The studio is where I feel at home, I’ve decided to put my 6 years of studying and the knowledge that I’ve gained to put on YouTube. Here is a quick lighting set up ( for portraits ) that I did for a company.
  4. MissMadison

    How to make portrait intimidating

    I am taking portraits of individual rugby players and I want to make them look strong, intense and intimidating. Does anyone have tips or suggestions on how to do this when taking the photo and/or when editing in photoshop?