1. k.udhay

    Godox AD600 - Wireless remote compatibility between Nikon and Canon

    Hi, I am planning to rent a Godox AD600 flash unit [ GODOX PHOTO EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD AD600/AD600B ] to try with HSS for the first time. The lender has the wireless triggers compatible with canon and sony cameras. I have a Nikon (D3200) and want to use off-camera flash and specifically for HSS...
  2. k.udhay

    HSS - Any manufacturers other than Profoto?

    Hi, I am looking for an economical strobe to start practice on outdoor photography with shallow depth of field. For that, I want to buy a HSS strobe. All i see in internet is either Profoto (way too expensive to start) or Hi-sync models of Elinchrom or Broncolor. Are there any other...
  3. gossamer

    Using the Sekonic Flashmate L-308S-U

    Hi everyone, I have a D500 and just got a Sekonic Flashmate L-308S-U light meter and having some difficulty figuring out how to use it. The first time I'm going to use it will be in a somewhat dimly lit room where I plan on taking portraits of people on a couch. I expect some ambient natural...
  4. T

    Need help with HSS

    Hello! I recently bought two YN622C II triggers to use with Rovelight RL600B. I am only using one trigger on top of my canon and another trigger/remote on top of that YN trigger which came with RL600B. Do I need another YN trigger and sync with cable to the rovelight? or does it communicate...
  5. 2

    Smallest possible TTL & HSS (Auto FP) flash for Nikon

    Hi there everyone, I'm currently looking for the smallest possible flash with the least possible weight, to be able to hold in my left hand for fill-flash in the evening. But for fill-flash during daytime, I really need it to be HSS enabled. I've tried Meike 320 for Nikon, unfortunately it...
  6. S

    High Speed Sync

    Hi, I have purchased Altura Photo Studio Pro Flash Kit for Canon (I have 60D). It has sync speed of 1/250s. Is there anyway, I can take High Speed Sync images using this flash? Any pocket wizard/remote trigger can help? Thanks!