icc profile

  1. P

    Compensation adjustments when softproofing with ICC profiles

    So in preparation for trying to print some images, I found the ICC profile for the printer they'll be using (Fuji_Frontier_DryLab4x0_PD_v3a if it helps to know that), and I've softproofed with it, and it changes the image pretty noticeably. I know that's how it works, but the trouble is I can't...
  2. somberg

    Mismatched colors from ICC color profile

    I tried out a new printing lab and received some test prints from them. After calibrating my monitor I compared the prints to the images on screen and they looked very close in color (though not quite perfect). I then downloaded their ICC profile and when I did a soft proof using it, the...
  3. S

    i1 xRite Profiler- How do I create custom ICC profiles?

    I have currently just finished a course in inkjet printing where we used monitor calibrators. I purchased the i1 Profiler by xRite and have successfully used it to calibrate my monitor, however, I was told by a printing technician that I could also use it to create my own ICC profiles for...