1. Veganist Falafel

    Purple corners when "scanning" B/W film negative

    Hello everybody! I'm completely new to this and I've started developing/scanning 35mm film just for personal use. I have two developed Ilford SFX200 B/W film rolls. One of them was developed at a professional lab and the other one I developed myself. However, when trying to scan the film I run...
  2. R

    Print Enlarging Settings Consistency

    When I'm printing my settings are the f/8 for 9secs on Ilford MG IV RC DELUXE SATIN FINISH PAPER with a MG Filter #3, after test stripping ofc, and it was the same for a second print from a frame of the same set of negatives. Will the settings be the same too on another frame from the same set...
  3. M

    Ilford Delta 3200

    Good day! I'm looking for some advice regarding Ilford Delta 3200. I'm aspiring some nice night shots with high contrast. And I'd like to use a Ilford Delta 3200 in my Olympus RC 35, this one can be set up to max. ASA 800. So I was wondering about the settings I should go for? Should I keep...
  4. spiralout462

    Ilford FP4 125

    Some of my favorites from a roll scanned today...... I LOVE shooting film!!! It has gotten to the point that I only use my DSLR for birds. This one is loosely inspired by the "Dummy Series" by Mike Lamb
  5. B


    Hey guys! So im majoring at Photography and i have a subject about film photography. For my last film, i've choose Ilford Delta 3200 but shot at 1000 ISO. How will this affect the developing time and chemicals ratios? I've searched but cant find any "fair enough" response. Im the one who's got...