1. BasilFawlty

    Tested Lightroom M1-optimized vs prior version

    I just bought a new 24" Apple iMac with the M1 chip. Right off the bat I noticed a HUGE difference in speed for normal tasks compared to my 10-year-old 27" Intel iMac, which it replaced. Opening Lightroom used to take forever on my old iMac - with this new iMac Lightroom Classic was up and...
  2. G

    Miller's ROES and iMac

    Hello! I have a question for any Miller's ROES users who have iMacs... I have been using Designer Plus because it is the ONLY version of Miller's software I can get to load on my Mac. However, you cannot order "widespread" cards in Designer Plus... only in ROES. I have tried downloading ROES...
  3. footballfan993

    Apple vs. FBI

    I'm wondering what are your thoughts on the Apple vs. FBI case, that has popped up in the next this week? The latest that I have heard is that Apple has shown that the Apple ID of the iPhone owner's device was changed after the FBI was in possession of the iPhone. Apple implies FBI screwup...
  4. A

    Just got an iMac. Does anybody use the magic trackpad for their editing?

    I just switched from PC to Mac. Pretty much solely based on the iMac's screen. I LOVE the screen! I hate not having a right click (among other things that I'm sure I will get used to eventually). Oh well. But my question is, I have the magic mouse and have been using it for editing. I've used...