1. M

    Stock photography tips

    Hi, I have been in stock photography for about 4 years and wanted to share some tips on how to make income from this sort of side-business. I am a contributor of 6 stock agencies: Shutterstock: Sell photos, footage clips, illustrations & vectors | Shutterstock Fotolia: Fotolia - Sell and buy...
  2. NickArt

    Possibly a new way to make money on your existing photo shoots.

    What if someone, somewhere around the world is looking for a photo that's very similar to what you are about to shoot. Between your particular style and specialty, your subject matter, locations, gear, setup and the timing of your shoot, you might be in a unique position to take those photos for...
  3. P

    Earning money in photography???

    Hello! My name is Peter.I am a photographer with some certain amount of experience. I'd like to find some way how to earn money with the help of my photos. Of course i am not a professional but i am still trying to find some sources of income. I tried to write an e-mail to newspapers,magazines...