1. L

    Problem with a G7x Mark II

    Hello all, I have in my possession a G7x Mark II that I got from a photo booth. Only, I can't operate the buttons and the screen remains black, no matter what. The camera is brand new, no scratch, no impact, internal electronics in great shape... Nevertheless, I have access to the memory card...
  2. D

    Hoping for help with Broken RAWS (CR3)

    Hey Team! Feeling a little silly after shooting a recent job on a dollar store card. I was in a pickle and just grabbed a card. It shot fine & I could review photos but when I got back to the studio, none of the files are readable. I tried some file recovery methods to no avail. I'm hoping...
  3. A

    PLEASE HELP! Zenza Bronica SQA light leak issue

    I have been trying to troubleshoot some issues with my Bronica SQA. When the camera takes clean photos, they are gorgeous. Unfortunately I am having some random light leak issues that I cannot figure out. I have multiple images below as reference. The exteriors are all from the same roll of...
  4. Owen Shelton

    Canon A1 dark corners on focusing screen

    Hi everyone I have recently purchased a Canon A1 When looking through the viewfinder, the four corners appear to be getting darker progressively over time. As a result of this, I removed the focusing screen and noticed darkness on each corner as expected. I have fitted a new focusing screen and...
  5. A

    Black corners in photos (not vignette)

    I have recently been shooting with the Canon G7X Mark II, as it's more portable and less "in your face" than my 5DIII. I've noticed that in all of my images, the corners are a solid black colour, and it isn't vignetting. I've been shooting for years and I know what a vignette looks like :')...
  6. Flavio

    X-T20 problems

    Hi, I've sold my nikon d610 and lenses 6 months ago and bought the fuji x-t20. I'm happy with my switch overall, although have found some unexpected issues. Sometimes when I focus, the EVF flickers. Recently I could not playback the photos I've just taken, solved this by formating the card but...
  7. J

    is the problem my camera or development?

    I have recently bought a Contaflex 35mm. The first roll developed has a line across every photo (see pictures). I assume this is a problem with the camera itself, and not in the development process. Anyone know which one it may be, and what I should do?
  8. odagled

    24-70mm stuck zoom

    As the title says, my 24-70mm is stuck. It won't zoom out and is stuck at 70mm now. This happened during a wedding but I was alright as I had the 35-70mm as backup. I'm going to send it in to get fixed but was just curious. What would cause the lenses to get stuck? Anyone have any experience...
  9. E

    D3200 images half black

    So I just got my first DSLR. It's a nikon D3200. It was a floor model, with no lens, and no cover. It sat like that for who knows how long. When I took it home and tried to take some shots they kept coming up as the top 7/8 of the image fully black, and the bottom was the subject, but blurry...
  10. AJHill

    Strange focus issue

    Recently I rented a Nikon D610 body from an online rental website. I rented the camera for the duration of the car show (one weekend) and returned [shipped] it promptly the following Monday, with no computer to review my photos until later. Now, when importing the photos from my memory card to...