jump ship

  1. MVPernula

    Which Sony A7 to get

    Heya! I just sold off my D800, D5100 and lenses to compress my excessive collection of stuff I don't use. This was done in order to get a mirrorless camera, and Sony is as far as I can tell the only manufacturer that produces "cheap" FF mirrorless ones. My mind is set on the A7ii. With the...
  2. MVPernula

    Switch.. D800 to A7ii

    Heya! So right now I'm about to move to a small apartment, and I have alot of stuff. I've been playing with the thought of jumping ship for a long time, and it's starting to make alot of sense (I hope). Right now I'm on a D5100 and a D800, both are great cameras- no doubt. Though I'm looking...
  3. Z

    Should I switch from Canon to Sony?

    Question: Should I leave Canon for Sony? I started off with Canon back in high-school, sold my Canon because I needed the money. Just now got back into Canon; bought a 7D Mark II and a cheap Canon nifty-fifty. After the release of the 5D IV, I was disappointed in the lack of innovation, the...